Information for Presenters

To make all presentations as accessible to as many participants as possible, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Presenters are asked to keep their remarks between 10-12 minutes. This is important for accessibility reasons. We will have a timekeeper who will alert you to the amount of time you have left during your presentation.
  • Design PowerPoint presentations with black background with yellow text. Keep text minimal.
  • Describe any visuals used in the presentation. Instead of saying “as you can see…” Be sensitive to the presence of participants with a variety of visual abilities.
  • Provide captions or a transcript for any film clips used during the presentation.
  • Make six copies of the content of your presentation to hand out at the beginning of your presentation. Please feel free to allow people to keep the copy or request for these to be returned to you.
  • Alert participants to the content of possibly triggering material so they may leave the room. Tell participants when your presentation will end so that they can plan to come back for the remainder of the panel.
  • Welcome questions from participants without using gendered language to identify participants you do not know personally.

Accessibility of Space

All conference locations are ADA compliant. Same-gender, gender-neutral, and child-friendly bathrooms will be clearly marked for participants. Maps are available or online.

Conference Safety Advocates
Conference Safety Advocates will be present throughout the conference to ensure that all conference participants feel safe from sexual and gendered violence of any kind (this includes sexual harassment and sexual assault, harassment or unwelcome comments regarding one’s gender, etc.). Participants can identify Safety Advocates by the white ribbon they will wear during all conference events. We encourage all participants to feel free to pull Safety Advocates aside at any time during the conference to express a concern or report an incident. Advocates will then discuss with the participant how to address and/or resolve the issue. Safety Advocates are not trained to provide  formal counseling. However, Safety Advocates will have contact information for professional counseling and crisis responders on hand.  An abbreviated of list contact information for crisis responders will be printed in the program.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapists from Respire Massage and Spa will be on hand to offer 10 minute massages to conference participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants will be requested to sign a release of liability form from Respire before receiving their massage. The therapists will be available for 10 minute slots during conference breaks: on Friday from 1:15-4:00pm and 5:30-6:30pm and on Saturday from 1:15-3:30. We request that each participant receive only one massage in order to allow as many participants as possible to receive the rejuvenating benefits of Respire. Respire will be located in the Rich Memorial Building, room number TBA.

“Alien Bodies” offers all registered participants with free childcare during the conference. Participants requesting childcare must note this in their registration form or contact the Chair of the Access Committee, Kelly Ball ( no later than February 1, 2013. The conference will offer on-site childcare and have conference themed, age appropriate activities for the children of participants. While we fully encourage participants with children to invite their children to attend conference panels and events, we know that listening can be hard sometimes! To that end, children are welcome to flow in and out of the on-site childcare as they (and their guardians and/or parents) see fit.


The conference organizers have tried to accommodate all dietary needs whenever food is served to conference participants. Food will be clearly labeled regarding its contents and preparation.
Please direct any questions or concerns about accessibility or access related issues to the Chair of the Accessibility Committee, Kelly Ball (

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